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At our table, moments are sacred and cherished. Preserving your shared experiences is our dedication. With attentive listening and genuine care, our team embraces the intimacy of every occasion.

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Savor your life's precious moments.

At our core, we comprehend that a celebration centered around food transcends beyond a meal; it becomes a sacred bonding experience for everyone involved. Just as we cherish these intimate moments with our own families, we pour the same love and care into preserving yours.


Trusted by families everywhere

With a reputation firmly grounded in generosity and intentionality, we have emerged as the go-to provider for families celebrating life's diverse milestones.

Our genuine care and love for both our clients and creations have earned us the utmost respect and trust from families near and far, journeying to, through, and from New Mexico.

Our Creations

Paloma S.

“Marissa helped me organize and put on a bridal shower for my best friend. Marissa was very detailed oriented and thorough; from helping put together the menu to center pieces and photo back drops. Marissa made sure all our questions were answered and our ideas came to life. The day of the event Marissa and her team were professional and timely. The food and drink preparation were immaculate. Everything was labeled and inviting. There was even music to fit the occasion! I look forward to having Marissa organize other events in my life.”

  Our ideas came to life


"Great food for a family event! ...We were all from out of town and she worked with us to meet all of our requests. We needed food to meet a variety of diets and we couldn't have too much leftover since we were leaving the next day. The food was delicious! She came ahead to set the food up and also stayed through the first part of the event to keep things replenished so we could all visit and enjoy our event. Marissa was also very prompt with her communication. You can't go wrong using her for your next event! Highly recommend her brisket too!"

You Can't go Wrong!

Susan P.

Cocina Ascensión made our my daughter's celebration of life truly special and memorable. Their heartfelt approach to catering was evident in every dish they served. From the beautifully presented appetizers to the comforting main courses, each bite felt like a warm embrace during a difficult time. Marissa and her team took the time to understand our preferences and created a menu that perfectly captured the essence of my daughter. The food not only nourished our bodies but also touched our souls. We are immensely grateful for their care, attention to detail, and the delicious flavors that brought comfort and joy to our gathering. Thank you, Cocina Ascensión, for making this day a cherished tribute to Maria's life.


Kind Words

Our experience extends beyond catering food, offering a feast that fits your unique lifestyle and reflects your individuality. With passion and authenticity, we transform your gathering into an unforgettable celebration, thoughtfully addressing all your hosting and feeding needs. We create a traditional feast for your family the same way we would feed out family. 

Relish every moment without lifting a finger.

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Our signature family style spread- At our heart, we're big on family dinners. Indulge in our signature family-style spread, where platters of food grace each table, inviting guests to bond and pass around the delicious offerings.

Family Style



Family Style

Family Style

Family Style


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Our most sought-after catering option, the Buffet style, is a true crowd-pleaser. Treat your guests to a delectable array of dishes, carefully curated from a custom menu of your choice. With the freedom to serve themselves, everyone will relish in a personalized dining experience that reflects your taste and vision

Buffet Style

Family Style




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Where it all began! Our heart and passion lie in crafting delectable appetizers, and this is how our company came to be! We take immense pride in curating extraordinary cocktail hours and food stations with one-of-a-kind, crave-worthy bites that will leave you and your guests delighted.

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Our culinary journey is steeped in tradition and crafted with heartfelt intention. With a deep-rooted commitment to authenticity, we take pride in creating extraordinary experiences for all, celebrating the diverse tapestry of flavors and honoring culinary heritage. Each dish we create is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and love for the craft. Join us on this flavorful adventure where every person is cherished, and every bite tells a story.

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