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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavor and tradition at Cocina Ascension, where our authentic recipes steeped in heritage and culture are a testament to our proud lineage. 


As a family-owned business, we cherish the value of shared meals and believe that every dish carries a story waiting to be discovered. With a profound respect for culinary craftsmanship passed down through generations, our mission is to transport you to the heart of our cultural roots, allowing you to savor the true essence of our culinary heritage. Experience the transformative power of tradition and embark on a remarkable gastronomic journey that will leave an indelible mark on your palate and soul.

Cooking for a gathering is a labor of love 

where the flames of chaos dance with the satisfaction of nourishing souls.

At Cocina Ascensión, we understand that sharing meals is a sacred experience that brings families and loved ones closer together. We hold a profound appreciation for the traditional values embedded in these cherished moments. With intentional care woven into every dish we create, we honor the essence of authentic culinary traditions.

Our team is driven by a deep-rooted passion for crafting meals that not only satisfy your taste buds but also nourish your soul. We believe in the transformative power of a well-prepared feast, where every ingredient is carefully selected, and every dish is thoughtfully prepared.

When you choose Cocina Ascensión, you’re choosing more than just a catering service. You’re embracing a culinary journey guided by experts who understand your desire for traditional, authentic flavors and the importance of shared meals. Trust us to curate a remarkable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and your beloved guest.

Experience thoughtfully crafted meals cooked with love by caring people.

Relieve the burdens of hosting

Once upon a time, in a kitchen filled with the comforting aroma of freshly baked memories, I discovered the profound joy of nourishing both body and soul. My culinary journey began with the tender guidance of my mother and grandmother—the matriarchs who instilled in me the appreciation for tradition, the art of creating flavors that linger on taste buds, and the magic of gathering around a table.

Guided by nurturing hands, I learned the secrets of my ancestral recipes, passed down through generations. From the aroma of freshly made tortillas to the vibrant flavors of our cultural heritage, each dish became a gateway to my roots and a vessel for preserving our traditions.

As a mom, I witnessed the profound impact of these culinary creations on my own family. The shared moments around the table, where laughter and stories flowed freely, became the building blocks of lasting memories. It was through these experiences that I realized the true power of food to shape our lives and create deep connections.

Now, as your forever friend and culinary guide, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, we will craft a dining experience that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your soul. With each carefully selected ingredient, every artfully prepared dish, and the genuine love poured into my creations, I aim to bring you a taste of the transformative magic that food holds.

Let’s celebrate your unique story, weaving it into the tapestry of flavors that define your journey. From cherished family recipes to innovative culinary explorations, we will co-create moments that touch your heart and leave you forever transformed. Embrace the power of food as a catalyst for connection, and let me be your guide to a world of culinary enchantment.

Hi! I’m Marissa!

A girl mom of two, a heart devoted to family, and a friend to all. 

At the heart of our process lies a meaningful consultation, where we gather around the table to savor your thoughts, aspirations, and dining desires. Your input is the secret ingredient that fuels our creativity, leading to a deliciously collaborative experience tailored to your taste buds. We’ll blend our expertise with your vision, guiding you through a culinary adventure that leaves your palate satisfied and your heart content. Let’s create a feast that will be the talk of every table!

Your Cravings,
Our Creations

After experiencing every role in the restaurant industry, I walked away seeking more than just food on a plate. Food carries culture, and sharing a meal becomes sacred when intentionality and care are infused. 

Now, I’m determined to create dining experiences that celebrate both flavor and meaningful connections. 

My driving Purpose

We’ll collaborate together to create your dream dining experience - from ambiance to aesthetic, we will make your most desirable dishes come to life.

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Our team is dedicated to understanding your tastes, preferences, and vision, ensuring that every bite is a delightful celebration of flavor and satisfaction. 



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A few of our favorite things:

Paloma S.

“Marissa helped me organize and put on a bridal shower for my best friend. Marissa was very detailed oriented and thorough; from helping put together the menu to center pieces and photo back drops. Marissa made sure all our questions were answered and our ideas came to life. The day of the event Marissa and her team were professional and timely. The food and drink preparation were immaculate. Everything was labeled and inviting. There was even music to fit the occasion! I look forward to having Marissa organize other events in my life.”

  Our ideas came to life


"Great food for a family event! ...We were all from out of town and she worked with us to meet all of our requests. We needed food to meet a variety of diets and we couldn't have too much leftover since we were leaving the next day. The food was delicious! She came ahead to set the food up and also stayed through the first part of the event to keep things replenished so we could all visit and enjoy our event. Marissa was also very prompt with her communication. You can't go wrong using her for your next event! Highly recommend her brisket too!"

You Can't go Wrong!

Susan P.

Cocina Ascensión made our my daughter's celebration of life truly special and memorable. Their heartfelt approach to catering was evident in every dish they served. From the beautifully presented appetizers to the comforting main courses, each bite felt like a warm embrace during a difficult time. Marissa and her team took the time to understand our preferences and created a menu that perfectly captured the essence of my daughter. The food not only nourished our bodies but also touched our souls. We are immensely grateful for their care, attention to detail, and the delicious flavors that brought comfort and joy to our gathering. Thank you, Cocina Ascensión, for making this day a cherished tribute to Maria's life.


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